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Surgical Mask PPE
Surgical Mask PPE
Surgical Mask PPE
Surgical Mask PPE


Surgical Mask PPE

$ 2.50 USD
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Metta Mats is part of a small company that makes all of our products in our Philadelphia factory, for this reason, we have a lot of sewing machines in our facility and are in a position to help make surgical masks that are badly needed by our healthcare professionals right now.

We are also making these masks available to our customers at a very reasonable price, no one should be without a mask. We will also donate 1 mask to a hospital for each mask purchased. Please note that these are priced at approximately what it costs us to make 2 masks. We are not attempting to make profit on the PPE we are making available to you. 

Please limit to 7 per person in your household or immediate work group. We need as many people to receive masks as possible. 

We are following the crisis scenario section of the CDCs recommendations on extending the supply of viable masks. We make no medical claims with our masks. These masks are not intended to prevent the wearer from getting infected though they do have some benefits in this way, they are mostly to help slow the spread of disease by preventing coughs from expelling virus particles. We are making these masks with a cotton inner layer as recommended by the CDC to help absorb exhaled particles.

Please note these are not N95 masks.

**Machine Wash and Hang/Tumble Dry**

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