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"As a yogi, fitness instructor, and art-lover, there is a lot I want from a yoga mat. I need a mat that I can take outside and will not be so thin that all the rocks it covers poke through. I need a mat that won't blow away during outside photoshoots. I also need a mat that sticks to the studio floor, even during hot yoga or strength and conditioning classes. I need a mat I can jump on, a mat I can roll on, a mat that will not slip when I start to sweat (because believe me I will sweat!). It is nearly impossible to find a mat that can do all of these things, but Metta Mats are so much more! Not only are Metta Mats thick, durable, and truly sticky in a way that goes far beyond "non-slip", each one is a work of art. There is something incredible in knowing that every mat purchase goes back to the artist whose art you fell in love with in the first place. You don't have to compromise between art and functionality, these mats have it all."

Being a fitness instructor I want to make sure the products I use truly help out during a workout. I have used so many mats before I came along this one most only had one good thing about them but all lacked in grip or thickness.  I take my mats everywhere with me so they need to be thick enough so I don’t feel the bumpy ground or if it is a bit wet I need it to still have grip.  Metta Mats somehow has made the perfect mat. This mat has a powerful grip not once have I slipped in my flow!!  When you work up a sweat (and we all do) this mat has you covered you don’t have to worry about slipping. All the mats have gorgeous artwork that just adds to your inner peace and practice be sure to pick one that speaks to you. The mat you use needs to support you in all the ways you need and this mat I can truly say does. I can now focus on my practice and not worry about the ground beneath me or my grip! Thank you Metta Mats and all the lovely artist for your amazing mat it is truly one of a kind!!

Well to be honest it's quite difficult to put in words how beautiful my Yoga-Mat by Mettamat is... I love the art-work on there, it really speaks to me on a deeper level. I've had it for a while now but my heart still makes a little jump every time I unroll it. And I love the fact that Mettamats support artists this way, everyone wins. All of their mats are so unique and different I'm certain that everyone can find her/his perfect mat.
But it's not only that, they are also grippier than I expected and absolutely sweat proof and really long (perfect for taller yogis like me) they're heavy so the ends don't roll up
"I am a yoga teacher and yoga therapy instructor and have a good mat for daily practice is essential. Metta Mats is my favorite. I use mine for all types of yoga. Love the grippy texture of the surface and that I can easily clean sweat off of it. Most of all the beautiful artwork! I highly recommend!"

Here's what I love about my Metta Mat: First, of course, is the design! Mesmerizing in its beauty, and such an asset to my Instagram feed, too! Second, it comes sticky instead of slippery. A big deal because it doesn't have to be "broken in" like other mats. It is stable without being too hard... and did I mention design? Beautiful!

"I'm in absolute love @mettamats. Love the grip and love that it's sweatproof"
Ever own something as pretty as a @mettamats yoga mat?... It's so vibrant and beautiful. I thought it was going to be a suede mat or had a fabric lining, but it's not. I was really excited to feel that it's sticky and not slippery.
"I received the Rainbow Sunset mat by Android Jones and I couldn't be happier. The colors are so vibrant and even after putting it through some intense practices it hasn't faded at all. Additionally, the grippy texture is perfect and keeps my practice in place. I'd recommend this mat to anyone, beginner of advanced"

I have had a Metta Mat for a few months now and it is hands down the most beautiful mat I have ever owned! It's almost too pretty to practice on... but looks great in photos :) That being said, it has just the right amount of cushioning and is nice and grippy. 2 thumbs up!! Did I mention how pretty it is? Get one and take your IG yoga to the next level :)

These mats are the most beautiful mats on the market. The images are clear and vivid. Whenever I use it, people ask me where I got it."